NovoSpection is a social enterprise based on humanitarian principles. Our goal is to facilitate positive change and to support organizations to make sustainability a comparative advantage. We fulfill our mission through the development of our own technologies and by providing advisory services and implementation support.

By using digital aids for data collection and narrative analytics, we supply international development actors with data-driven insights about their target groups – faster and less expensive than any other provider.

Through Inclusive Surveys ( we provide unbiased analytics of people’s opinions and aspirations. With our solution, truly inclusive and unbiased baselines and evaluations can be developed. Instead of relying on fixed scales or pre-defined questions in surveys or interviews, the tool automatically interprets, quantifies, categorizes and presents answers to open-ended questions or any type of opinions shared in a free form, verbal or written, anonymous or not. We combine Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence, extracting research, media and benchmark data allowing us to apply supervised categorization to the text.

Platform 2030, which is currently under development, is a search tool making it easy to assess whether your product, programme or service correspond to local needs in emerging markets. Based on your sustainability, Platform 2030 will allow you to integrate the Global Goals into your business planning and sustainability reporting. You will also be able to attract financing based on your sustainability.

the benchmark for sustainability

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development is a common roadmap for social, economic and environmental development. For an organization or individual it offers a unique opportunity to understand how, and where to contribute to sustainable development.

To increase the sustainability of your operations can feel complex. By disentangling the 17 goals and 169 targets of the Global Goals, NovoSpection supports you in making sustainable impact a comparative advantage.